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Pertronic Advanced Automatic Fire Detection Systems
Pertronic Industries Ltd was established in 1982. Entry into the Fire Alarm industry first occurred when the company developed and manufactured power supplies for the New Zealand Fire Service control and communications systems.

In 1986 Pertronic developed its first automatic fire panel, the reliable and very successful Pertronic F30. In 1991 a multi-million dollar contract with Telecom New Zealand to develop and manufacture equipment for the National Alarm Transport System (ATS) provided the momentum for product development and growth that has placed Pertronic Industries at the forefront of design, quality and volume of sales within New Zealand.

In 1999 Pertronic Industries opened its first Australian office, based in Melbourne, to coincide with the release of the F100A Analogue Addressable System and associated peripherals. The F100A system was one of the first approved systems to comply with the latest Australian Standard; AS4428.1.

The release of the highly intelligent F120A analogue fire indicator panel (2001) and other high end performance products and features such as networking capability, PC graphics and specialty paging and building management systems interfacing has seen Pertronic Industries equipment successfully installed in many of the most significant profile sites in all areas of market coverage.

Pertronic Industries places the highest priority on continued development and improvement. A large proportion of Company profit is reinvested to ensure the already comprehensive range of automatic fire alarm panels and associated control / indicating equipment remains up to date and of world class standard.

All Pertronic design, development and manufacturing is carried out at its factory in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. In 2004, Pertronic became a Quality Assurance Company by gaining ISO9001:2000 accreditation.

In 2012, Pertronic Industries decided to expand its market coverage to Malaysia and started working together with JSE Services Sdn Bhd to promote Pertronic Advanced Automatic Fire Detection Systems in the region. The F120A Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel made its debut in Malaysia during the International Fire Conference and Exhibition Malaysia ("IFCEM") 2012; it subsequently obtained approval from the Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia in May 2013 for its use in Malaysia. Since then, the F120A had been installed in numerous sites within the region.

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