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Zp3 Take Anologue Addressable Fire Detection into New Dimensions. Based on Advanced Technology, state of the art sensing techniques and specially designed software that features built in reliability and complete peace of mind.

The Ziton ZP3 is an analogue addressable fire detection and alarm system, based upon advanced technology developed to provide maximum flexibility through a comprehensive range of modular hardware, supported by highly configurable software.

Advanced panel design, combined with high sensitivity smoke and fire sensing, enables ZP3 not only to identify and disregard conditions, which would result in false or unwanted alarms - but to recognise real fires sooner.

Scaleable in every aspect, the ZP3 system offers tailor made engineered solutions for all applications, from single panel systems to large multi panel networks. Modular design backed by powerful software enables ZP3 systems to be configured exactly to the needs of any commercial or industrial site.

Up to 127 line devices (sensors, callpoints, sounders or interface units) can be connected to each of the control panel loops. All loop devices incorporate switch settings enabling them to be assigned a unique address, the location of which is pinpointed and polled by the panel every two seconds. Variations in the sensors environment caused by increases of temperature or products of combustion, are reported to the panel, where they are processed and compared to known fire data, prior to any alarm output being activated.

All customer and site data is held in non volatile flash memory, ensuring both ease of initial system data input and subsequent on site amendments and modifications should they occur.


Ease of operation - Large 160 charactor LCD display and traditional LED indicators providing clear, easy to understand information.

Automatic contamination adjustment - maintains constant, individual sensor sensitivity by compensating for sensitivity drifting over time period.

Service and near service - Lists sensors that are due for cleaning and others that may be approaching the service condition.

Sophisticated alarm verification - offers two time integration levels for each separate address.

Advanced loop isolation - maintains system integrity against partial or full short circuit faults.

Automatic Self Test - all sensors are functionally tested every 24 hours period.

Sounder Self Test - loop wired sounder range features built in microphone circuit to automatically test sounder output.

Radio loop interface - full analogue system facilities via wireless interface enables equipment to be sited where access is restricted or wiring impossible.

Password protection - provides multilevel access to system control and can be configured to match operator responsibilities.

Eventlog - Up to 1000 alarms, fault and disablements can be displayed or printed in chronological order.

Simple design, set up and operation have proved to be the success of the ZP3 on a worldwide basis all made even easier with various user software packages.

Planner for windows enables system designers to fully configure ZP3 systems - either directly into the panel via a PC - or off side for subsequent download at the commissioning stage.

loop load calculator - check that equipment assigned to any loop is within allowable parameters - then calculates power supply requirements.

Graphically presenting alarms and events, Maestro provides system control, colour graphics and event logging.

Remote diagnosis allows fault diagnosis and information access from remote loacation via a modem link.

For more information, please visit www.ziton.com

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