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Air is sampled from the protected area through a network of pipes or tubes, actively drawing the air towards the detection system using a high-pressure aspirator fan. Individual sectors within the area are identified after an initial alarm is raised by instigating a rapid scan of the inlets with the rotary selector valve. The sampled air is drawn through a special high-density reflective serviceable
cylindrical detection chamber that provides sensitivity levels that other manufactures dream off.

This high-sensitivity smoke detector is an instrument quality nephelometer collecting scattered laser light from smoke particles over a full 360-degree sweep. The resultant sensitivity is an astonishing 0.001% obscuration/meter some 2000 times more sensitive than conventional smoke detectors.

With the advent of the Internet as a communications tool for remote monitoring and data-logging, ICAM is making full use of this medium. E-mail, SMS messaging and Ethernet monitoring complete this picture. This new class of product provides integrated early warning of all detectable parameters including heat, smoke, ambient temperature, CO etc with unprecedented abilities for the remote access.

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    ICAM® - Ultra Clean to Ultra Dirty  

Unmanned sites
- Fully self- contained
- Additional environmental parameters monitored
- Web access

- pipes can be placed within the racking
- Minimize maintenance costs
- Access difficult to reach areas which cannot be monitored by normal

Correctional Facilities & Detention Centers
- Tamper proof air sampling
- Central Maintenance facilities

Cold stores
- No heated detector bases
- Very Early Warning
- Unaffected by high airflows
- Simple installation

- individual protection of high- voltage switchgear cabinets
- HV cabinets are bolted and cannot be opened easily
- PLC and control rooms
- Electrical substation

Historic buildings / Museums
- Discrete monitoring
- Rapid respond
- Monitoring valuable assets

IT rooms
- Extreamely high sensitivity
- Individual cabinet identification
- Unaffected by high air speeds

Exclusive Residences, Apartments, Hotels, Shops & Offices
- Aesthetic, Invisible
- Remote web monitoring

Utility providers
- Large area coverage 2000 sqm (20000 sq ft)

- Idealy suited to long compartments
- Concealed detection
- Automatic air pollution compensation
- Multiple sectors for carriage sets with integral cabs

Significant religious buildings
- Unobtrusive detection
- Earliest detection

Wind Turbines
- Smoke detection control during braking both Emergency and Operational
- Unaffected by arcing, lightning and static electricity
- Unaffected by air speeds within the generator
- Insensitive to environmental conditions

For more information, please visit www.icam.ltd.uk

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